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Sky high smart desk lamp valuation up to 50 million
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Date: 2015-09-12
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Author: Tachi ligh
Sky high smart desk lamp valuation up to 50 million


It is reported that people need different atmosphere in different scenes and moods, and no one doesn't like the right atmosphere. What is the development trend of the atmosphere product industry?

First, Philips, the world's largest lighting company, launched the hue smart light bulb in 2014, focusing on mobile phone app color matching. The realization mechanism is that the bulb is connected to the bridge, and the bridge is connected to the mobile phone. The price of a single set is as high as 1698 yuan, and it is reported that 5 million sets have been sold; Secondly, Xiaomi, as we all know, also launched a smart bedside lamp yeelight in July 2015, which is also the main app color matching. The difference between Xiaomi and Philips is that there is no need for a bridge, and the mobile phone is directly connected to the desk lamp; thirdly, the famous SONOS in the United States has created a wireless hifi background music system and achieved great success; Fourth, Mercedes Benz's latest S-class sedan provides "emotional atmosphere lamp" and "rear aromatherapy function".

These world-class brands start to enter the atmosphere market from the perspective of "vision, hearing and smell", which shows that the huge blue ocean of "atmosphere" has been recognized by the prescient big men.

It is reported that "Shenzhen Youchao intelligence", which has developed the "small nest intelligent atmosphere table lamp", has received a number of professional VC's to give a valuation quotation of up to RMB 50 million, and has obtained the intention of famous investment institutions. The project has also won "prime minister's coffee" before__ "3W investment fund" early investment, and set a record of 3W investment speed: from the first contact, signing the contract, to the funds in place within 3 working days. It is reported that due to different development concepts, Youchao intelligence has previously rejected the investment intention of Zhongshan ancient town lighting association, China's largest lighting production and distribution center, and investment institutions under the jurisdiction of Xiaomi.

In an era when all kinds of pseudo intelligence emerge in endlessly, and investors begin to see no rabbits and no eagles, why do so many famous institutions favor just one lamp?

PI Zhenxing, the founder of Youchao intelligent, said that our income is getting higher and higher, but our spiritual needs are getting more and more tired; we have gradually become a work machine, and the feelings between lovers, couples and relatives have gradually become numb and lack of passion. Today's era is an era of excess functions, all products are trying to stack functions, but no hardware brand focuses on the emotional needs of people's heart. This is the background of the birth of Youchao intelligence. PI Zhenxing's words are resounding: "we should be pioneers of intelligent atmosphere products and ecology, and we should be the" great territory "in the field of atmosphere. Atmosphere is to affect the" atmosphere "and" sentiment "in the environment through" vision, hearing, smell and touch ", stimulate human hormones and nervous system, thus affecting human emotions. "Small nest intelligent table lamp" is just a starting point of product ecology with nest intelligent atmosphere.

Why do you choose desk lamp as the entry point of intelligent atmosphere?

First, lighting is the preferred way to create an atmosphere; second, desk lamps can be used directly without decoration; third, they are low-cost; fourth, in China, there are 1.8 billion bedrooms waiting for us to put in.

It is reported that this is an intelligent atmosphere lamp that understands the atmosphere and sentiment. The nest has customized different scene modes for consumers in different scenes and different moods. The rose red atmosphere of "I love you" adds a provocative and romantic scene to lovers. The fresh and warm yellow green sentence of "momada" can provide more comfort and companionship for single people. It turns out that this is an understandable one In addition to the scene mode lighting, the intelligent desk lamp of "Renhua" also supports the interactive scene mode of music and fragrance. Moreover, each scene mode is born after "massive research, color psychology experts, software engineers, and target users' evaluation".

The highlights of control are also very obvious. PI Zhenxing thinks that real intelligence, in addition to bringing better experience, must be easier to operate than before. First of all, the nest supports SSP far-field speech recognition technology, touch technology supporting blind operation, and automatic sensing technology. Any consumer can use it directly after buying it back, without any configuration and connection. Of course, it also has the function of mobile app control.

In terms of product design process, the designers who have won the "if, red dot" awards have creatively applied the metal technology of iPhone to the lighting field, and innovatively provided several patent lampshades such as "black silk temptation, charm, dream series" for consumers to choose and replace.

Voice control

It is understood that the "shuangmai" far-field recognition scheme is adopted for the Xiaochao intelligent table lamp, which can effectively suppress the noise and reverberation effect outside the user's voice, and ensure the accurate recognition effect within a distance of 5 meters. In addition, you can directly use "small nest on light" to turn on the light, and when the light is off, it will not be misoperated by other commands other than this statement, which improves the voice experience.

Wechat, APP control

In addition to downloading app from mobile phone, Xiaochao smart desk lamp can also be directly controlled by wechat without downloading.

Through the mobile phone, you can control the lamp switch, brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, 16 million color adjustment and scene selection.

Full chassis touch

It is understood that the whole surface of streamlined chassis is a switch, which can be turned on or off by touching anywhere. When you need light at night, you can light up by touching the edge of the base.

Small nest intelligent desk lamp has 6W power, 5-level brightness adjustment, color temperature between 1700k-6500k, with 16 million colors adjustable, and carefully modulated 22 lighting atmosphere, the theoretical working hours reach 50000 hours. Customized double heat sink ensures the lamp bead to work at low temperature, thus ensuring safety and reducing the light attenuation of the lamp bead. In addition, the table lamp is equipped with a power adapter to convert the strong current into a 12V safe voltage and input it into the product, which is safer and more reliable than the traditional strong current desk lamp.

Nest intelligence is not only making table lamps, but also "upgrading consumption, transforming weak demand into strong demand, and creating a new category of" sentiment and atmosphere ".

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