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Cool seaweed is led light bulb and food
Category: Media Coverage
Date: 2015-09-12
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Author: Tachi ligh
Cool seaweed is led light bulb and food


Microalgae are a kind of autotrophic plants which are widely distributed in land and sea, rich in nutrients and high in photosynthetic utilization. It grows through photosynthesis, which is a renewable biomass energy and an effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Earlier, researchers have found that microalgae can produce a weak current during photosynthesis. When a certain amount of microalgae is put into a closed glass container, the current can be collected to light the LED lamp in the bottle.

This time, in Pittsburgh Museum of modern art, there is such a strange exhibit called "living things.". It is a concept microbial photosynthesis lamp designed by architect Jacob douenias and industrial designer Ethan frieder, using the unique properties of Spirulina in microalgae.

The reason why Spirulina was selected is because of its green color, light absorption and its edibility (it can be made into powder and added to food). The two designers made special use of these characteristics of Spirulina. They cultured it in alkaline medium, and then put it into a glass container the size of a fish tank. With the cooperation of waste heat, light and carbon dioxide, spirulina will produce photosynthesis and emit green light.

These large, hand blown glass bottles of different shapes can provide light and heat for indoor people. At the same time, they are also high-performance photobioreactors, which can heat, light, ventilate, replenish nutrients and control metabolites of algae.

Working principle and process

Designers put Spirulina in a variety of different shapes of large glassware, which can be hung or placed in the living room and dining room for lighting and decoration. Through light photosynthesis, different corners of the room emit fresh and pleasant green light. Find an obscure place to install the control system and connect each lamp with water pipes and cables. And this control center controls the circulation system of each lamp.

The 3D printing nylon piston opening is installed on the desktop, and the system flow can be controlled by hand. When the liquid concentration is high enough, the 18 valves can be opened to collect spirulina, or fresh culture liquid can be supplied. Inside the wooden box below is the core of the whole supply system composed of pipes, water pumps, air pumps, LED drivers, filtration systems, heaters, etc.

Such a set of micro algae photosynthesis lamp using waste heat and carbon dioxide can not only make the whole interior decoration look fresh and natural, but also has special environmental protection and energy saving. If it can be effectively developed, I believe it will bring great contribution to human society. The purpose of the design of the two designers is to let the public begin to pay attention to the power of microorganisms, so that this resource can be developed.

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